The Rushing River Institute is a consortium of companies established to promote and apply recent developments of river science in river management world wide. The members of the consortium are , Rushing Rivers Institute Inc., Rushing Rivers dba in USA and Rushing Rivers Poland MP in European Union. Rushing Rivers Institute Inc. is a non-profit organizations (501c3) promoting river education and proper-use of science in river management and restoration to secure healthy river systems for the environment and people. Rushing Rivers dba and Poland  provide on-demand applied research to protect and restore rivers, offering engineering solutions integrating physical and ecological sciences, public and professional training and project review services. We build upon expertise of the companies researchers, as well as on the expertise of scientists at the universities and research institutes throughout the country and internationally. Rushing Rivers Institute is a primary developer and promoter of MesoHABSIM approach. 

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USA Office
- 3 Germay Dr. Ste 4 - 4430
- Wilmington DE 19804
- Phone: 617-500-4884
- Office: 413-341-1012

EU Office
- ul. Rozwojowa 79
- Grebiszew Minsk Maz. 05-300

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