The method has been widely applied across the USA and more recently in Europe to provide information for instream flow management as required by laws and regulators. For industrial users it offers more scientifically definitive answers regarding the costs and risks of future operations. MesoHABSIM has been peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals, by the Instream Flow Council and recently included as a part of the Ecologically Sustainable Water Management (ESWM) framework by The Nature Conservancy. In the state of New Hampshire it has been written to the state law as a water Quality Standard for the Souhegan and Lamprey River.
Past MesoHABSIM course participants wrote:

  • “Well done. The ‘hands on’ part in the lab was [a] good idea- to actually see [the] database, software. Impressive PowerPoint presentation!”
  • “Thanks for the excellent effort! I am very glad that I took the [introductory] course and I look forward to the next portion.”
  • “A very good course and a very interesting tool.”
  • “Good overview of the model and applications… field trip was helpful in understanding the applications [of MesoHABSIM]


Highlights from the Quito Ecuador Course Evaluation


Were the instructors easy to understand?


  • Yes, they were very easy going and dynamic!
  • Si muy buenos, al explicacion estuvo muy detallada y comprensible y ademas la practica permanente y los ejemplos hizo mas facil entender el curso. (Yes very good, the explanation was very detailed and comprehensive and permanent addition to the practice and examples made the course easier to understand.)
Was the material presented in an organized and easy to comprehend manner?
  • Realmente pienso fue ordenado y organizado. Facil de entender. (I really think it was neat and organized. Easy to understand.)
  • Si, estuvo bien y organizado. (Yes, it was good and organized.)
  • Very good and easy to learn
Did the visuals in the PowerPoint effectively contribute to the lecture?
  • Si, buenas y claros. (Yes, good and clear.)
  • Yes, they did. They were very usefull in the understanding of the lecture.
Was too much or too little time devoted to each topic?
  • Si. Pero el curso debio ser de mas dias para hacer varios exercicios para captar mejor los pasos a seguir y no cometer errores. (Yes. But the course should be of more days to make various exercises to better capture the steps and not make mistakes.)
  • Si. Estuvo un tiempo prudente para cada tema expuesto. (Yes. There was prudent time for each exposed subject.)
  • Todo estuvo bien, muy bien. (Everything was good, very good.)
Other Comments:
  • The instructors are very friendly and good persons and help to understand.
  • Buen curso, interesante, excelente exposicion. (Good course, interesting, excellent exposure.)
  • Very good job! This is a nice software! Very useful!



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