Please support the Rushing Rivers Institute Inc.  Any form of support, monetary or tangible, will further our efforts

We need to establish a secure base of funds in order to develop to our full potential. In the near future we will need to acquire research equipment, such as a truck and boat, and office equipment. Eventually we will need additional staff, including graduate and postdoctoral researchers, administrative support and interns. Rushing Rivers Institute is a nonprofit. Donations are fully tax deductible.

There are following ways to support the Institute:

Online Donations

Purchase a Delaware River painting or prints from and all proceeds will be donated to Rushing Rivers Institute.


USA Office
- 3 Germay Dr. Ste 4 - 4430
- Wilmington DE 19804
- Phone: 617-500-4884
- Office: 413-341-1012

EU Office
- ul. Rozwojowa 79
- Grebiszew Minsk Maz. 05-300

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